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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obama/Waxman push $3,100 per-family tax by Memorial Day

From the Desk of:

Steve Elliott, President, Grassfire.org Alliance

Our sources are telling me that President Obama and Rep. Henry Waxman are pushing for a key vote on the Carbon Tax BEFORE Memorial Day -- a tax that studies show will cost each family $3,100 each and every year.

Last week, Obama met behind closed doors with House Democrats to pressure them to pass the Carbon Tax. Now, Waxman is even contemplating skipping the Subcommittee hearing on the $2 trillion Carbon Cap and Trade Tax and fast-tracking this new tax straight to his Energy and Commerce Committee.

Waxman wants this all done by the end of next week... and Team Obama is turning up the heat on key Democrats in the House to pressure quick passage of the Carbon Tax.

Why Obama and Waxman Are Fast-Tracking The CO2 Tax

There's a reason Obama and Waxman are pulling out the stops to pressure Democrats to pass this tax through the Committee...

Obama, Waxman, Pelosi and the gang fear that any delays could kill their precious plan to "save the planet" and give the government the power to tax and control the air!

That's because even some Democrats are now getting nervous about imposing such a large tax at a time when the economy is struggling. Reports indicate this new tax could cost the average American over $3,000 every year and result in 7 million lost jobs!

And the American people overwhelmingly do NOT want the Carbon Tax (by a 2-to-1 margin according to Pew Research).

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  1. Is this not the biggest load of crap? Just another nail in the coffin of freedom and another step closer to One World Government.

  2. We're in for a world of pain if everybody doesn't wake up. Thanks for the comment SciFiChick.

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